Mesa Road Pathway in Point Reyes Station

For years, a public right-of-way along Mesa Road, behind Toby’s Feed Barn and the Building Supply store, was overgrown with weeds and brush.  Many residents didn’t know that the right-of-way was even there.  Then the new toddler playground and public restrooms were installed across the road, and the need for a walkway out of traffic became urgent.

Participants identified this as a priority during the commons survey in February 2007; and Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey raised it as well.  In the spring and summer of that year, West Marin Commons organized volunteer crews to clear out the weeds and trash.  Then, in 2008, funds came from Supervisor Kinsey through the West Marin Chamber of Commerce.  We worked with the Chamber, local businesses, the toddler playground committee, and volunteers to plan a pedestrian path that would provide safe access and also a touch of grace to that neglected strip.

The Building Supply store took the lead when it installed a decomposed granite walkway behind their own business.  We retained the Inverness Gardening Service to extend the path behind Toby’s.  The Palace Market soon moved the dumpsters that for years had been an obstacle to pedestrians.  The market installed flower boxes as well.

Over the past two years West Marin Commons has organized approximately twenty volunteer workdays. Volunteers have pulled weeds and picked up trash. Judith Lowry provided guidance on plant choices and design, based on native plants. Rufus Blunk has overseen the plantings, placement of irrigation, and stump removal. Dozens of volunteers have contributed hundreds of hours pulling weeds, picking up trash, mulching, and planting. Also, local native plant enthusiasts have donated plants, including the endemic Mount Vision Ceanothus.

The next planting will be along the stretch next to the Building Supply fence. The plants will be low-growing because of the company’s security needs. Periodic workdays for weeding, sheet mulching, and trash removal are coming up as well.

Many thanks to Judith Lowry and Rufus Blunk for their generous and expert help; and also to the Inverness Garden Club for a grant that enabled us to purchase plants.

You’ll discover some of the following plants along the pathway:

Epilobium canum California fucshia

Artemisia douglasiana Mugwort

Baccharis pilularis Dwarf Coyote Bush

Artemisia californica Coast sagebrush

Achillea millefolium var. californicum Yarrow

Escholzia californica var. maritime coastal California poppy

Ribes sanguineum – Pink flowering currant

Mimulus Monkey Flower

Eriophyllum staechadifolium Lizard Tail

Please help out by picking up trash along the way and join us at future volunteer work parties …

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