West Marin Green Bridge

The following documents were sent September 2015 by Caltrans to Cathleen Dorinson, Maintstreet Mom and West Marin community member, who asks that we share these here. They can also be found on the Caltrans project webpate at: http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist4/lagunitascreekbridge/
In addition, Cathleen shared a letter from her daughter, a transportation engineering consultant.

From Cathleen Dorinson, Friday, September 4, 2015:
Caltrans has forwarded 4 documents for West Marin residents to study.   These documents total 94 pages.  A lot of it is charts and graphs, so there are really about 35 pages of reading material. The attached documents are:

1.       Sea Level Rise

2.       Traffic Evaluation Survey

3.       Bridge Retrofit document

4.       Scoping Summary Report 

In addition I asked my daughter, a transportation engineering consultant, to review the documents for any red flags we should be aware of.  Her comments are the 5th attachment in this email (word doc)  As my daughter states in her comments, it is important for everyone to read the Scoping Summary to be sure everything is in there that we care about.  If it is not in there, and we do not bring it up during the upcoming meeting with Caltrans, we will not be able to add it later.


At the moment Caltrans is planning a public meeting in PRS in early October. Since this is roughly the 4th meeting date proposed to me in as many months, I am not holding my breath that it will occur at that time.  However, they did want us to have these documents at least 3 weeks before the public meeting, so we could review them in time for the meeting.  Hopefully this time the meeting will happen when they say.  As soon as I get a confirmation of date, time and place I will let people know.


These are public documents (except for my daughter's comments) and have just been posted on the Caltrans project website.  That website is http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist4/lagunitascreekbridge/

Feel free to share these documents with others in West Marin.  


see here: http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist4/lagunitascreekbridge/ (link is external)

An upcoming meeting sponsored by Mainstreet Moms:

On Tuesday, April 6, 2015 Mainstreet Moms held a community gathering at the West Marin School Old Gymnasium to discuss Caltrans' plans to replace the Green Bridge on Hwy One just south of downtown Pt Reyes Station.  

Caltrans requested comments from West Marin regarding our thoughts and concerns about their replacement of the bridge.  COMMENTS WERE DUE APRIL 20, 2015. 


What’s being planned?
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes a project to ensure that the Lagunitas Creek Bridge on Highway 1 in Point Reyes Station meets current seismic standards for safety. This project would entail replacing the current bridge with one of the four feasible types of bridge that meet current Caltrans standards for seismic safety.

Where you come in?
This notice is to tell you of the beginning of the Scoping Period under the California Environmental Quality Act. This is an opportunity for the public to help set the scope of the proposed project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by attending our open-house public meeting and offering comments on the focus of the studies we prepare to evaluate the project’s potential environmental impacts. These studies will be used to inform the EIR. 

The public was invited to a March 19 Open House at West Marin Elementary School in PRS to provide comments, particularly on the range of alternatives, resources, and impacts that should be considered, strategies to minimize these impacts, and related issues.

Please mail your comments to Oliver Iberien, District Branch Chief, California Department of Transportation, District 4 Office of Environmental Analysis, P.O. Box 23660, Oakland, CA 94623 or email them to lagunitas_bridge@dot.ca.gov(link sends e-mail). Your comments should be received no later than April 20, 2015.

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Dave Mitchell's blog: http://www.sparselysageandtimely.com/blog/?p=28398

If you are logged in as a registered user of the West Marin Commons forums, you can join the discussion on the SOAPBOX forum here and below in the comments section.



The Scoping Comment Period has been extended to June 20, 2015. Please submit your comments before this revised deadline.


First, be sure to send in your comments to Caltrans before the June 20th deadline, which is only 6 days away.

Next, I had attempted to get Caltrans to have another community-wide meeting in West Marin before the June 20th comments deadline, but communication with them has been extremely slow.

However, a few days ago I received a telephone call from Steven Wiliams, the Public Information Officer for our district.  He informed me that Caltrans does indeed plan to have another community-wide meeting in Pt Reyes some time this summer.  The date has yet to be decided on, but will definitely be before children return to school.  He said they need to coordinate the date with other agencies, such as the Coastal Commission, whom they wish to have present at the meeting.

I asked that the meeting please be a sit down one with presentations and a Q and A period for the audience, and that there be lots of notice of the meeting.  He assured me he would call me as soon as he knows the date, and that they will also be notifying local groups, etc., of the meeting particulars.  We talked about venues and I suggested either the school gym or the Dance Palace.   At this point that is all he could tell me.  So I guess we will have to wait until we hear more.

Please pass this information along to anyone you feel should know about it.   I will post additional information as soon as I hear anything more about the proposed meeting.

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